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hashtag letters twenty-fifteen

hashtag letters: Black lives matter
yellow all caps
against a background of Black
clarion call to a people under attack
rousing all nations to stand up, fight back

time’s of the essence
the Center cannot  hold
Black girls portraits on the walls,

tack tack

Black boys struck down by
the Blue

Whack Whack

hundreds slain already,
they can hardly keep track.

and when will my white sisters and brothers just step out of the Trap?

BLM sweatshirt



Partial News Round-Up on the Ferguson Movement

Hands Up Dont Shoot


1) Movement HQ in Ferguson has released a formal movement update. (12/15)

2) Samuel L. Jackson makes a video request of celebrities to stand for racial justice.

3) Check out this link for the bedrock list of demands, again straight out of Movement HQ.

4) “Dear White Allies: Stop Unfriending Other White People re: Ferguson

5) Systemic Racism Running Rampant (also check out articles here and here)

6) Good old Democracy Now! on everything Ferguson