NSA Spied on Copenhagen Climate Talks

According to the latest leaks by whistle-blower Edward Snowden, the Obama Administration used the National Security Agency to spy on the negotiators both before and during the Copenhagen Climate Conference (CCC) back in 2009. (2) The punchline, however, is a series of tweets by climate activist Bill McKibben: he asserts that the Obama Admin. may never have wanted the talks to succeed in the first place. (1)

This revelation seems to add fuel to a growing fire of criticism that Obama is really more of a fantastic orator for the 1% than anything else; his role to pay eloquent lip service to the country’s problems, to divert our attention from the systemic crises in which our country is embroiled. His presidency is riddled with promises broken. He has accelerated military action in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Arabian Peninsula. His rate of deportation of illegal immigrants is unprecedented in US history. He has presided over some of the most grievous abuses of federal power in the history of nation-states. And most importantly of all, his solutions for to the overwhelming, humanity-rattling threat of global warming are inherently contradictory and therefore flawed.

What does Obama propose we do to ensure energy security and mitigate global warming? As he delineates in his State of the Union Address, he favors an “All-of-the-Above” approach to energy. This means giving “equal” attention to dirty, climate disaster-inducing fossil fuel technologies as well as so-called clean energy technologies. The issue here is that we’re rapidly running out of time. We literally can’t afford to keep extracting and burning fossil fuels anywhere near the current levels, given rapid ocean acidification, glacial melts, biodiversity loss, and pollution.

As the International Energy Agency, as well as the global scientific community assert, we must transition immediately and quickly to renewable energy technologies on a global scale.


1. Common Dreams

2. Huffington Post


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