journal flashback: 6.8.2011

Mood: supertired
Vata*: mildly aggravated

Today Mom was diagnosed with malignant thyroid cancer. That’s some really heavy shit.
Though i must of course continue to give love and support to her, i have to ‘tend to my own knittings1 and take care of myself. The last thing she needs is an ailing son, man.
Next steps: try getting Mom off the fish oil pills and cholesterol-lowering medication. Will she listen to reason? I sure hope so.

So… i’m finally done with school here at UC Irvine. Finals are over.

Undergrad is through. I am finished…

And oh so hella ready for the next step!!!

– Write letters to Naj, Colavin, Kim, Bishop and Flojo.

– Write a letter to Mom (circled)

*Vata is one of the three mind-body types in the 5,000 year-old Ayurvedic medical system. This was a period of my life in which i was learning about Ayurveda and applying it to myself, hence the mention of it.


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