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I just finished translating an article from Portuguese into English at the request of Some Random Guy on Facebook. Click here to check out the article.

Video proves the partnership between supposed “peaceful demonstrators” and the Black Bloc. And there’s nothing that Globo or this blog can do about it: there are only the facts! Or: Inciting violence against the police

by Reinaldo Azevedo

In a post last night I challenged the approach of reports in the Jornal Nacional about the activities of Black Bloc anarchists in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. There seems to be an editorial distinction for distinguishing the so-called “peaceful demonstrations” from the “vandals’ activities.” Well, when things are different, may the differences be explicitly stated. When they aren’t, may the facts triumph anyway over good will and even more meritorious intentions.

Unfortunately for good sense, Black Bloc protesters and teachers and/or demonstrators have established a partnership. The journalists in the streets know about this. Even those who are sympathetic to the actions of the masked individuals, and the former do exist, are aware that I’m speaking the truth. Apart from that, there’s more than photos. Look at this video. I’ll continue below it.

I’m back

The partnership is there: clear, unequivocal, unquestionable, evident, wide open. If we deny reality and pretend that it’s something else, does it become something else?

I don’t know who that guy is giving the speech. If he’s a teacher, then the poor teenagers! His enthusiasm is not only greater than the ignorance and moral sordidness of what he says. To compare the actions of the Military Police, even when they’re violent and illegal, to that of the Nazis goes beyond intellectual bankruptcy. The problem is less about his overestimating the reprehensible, accidental police actions than in underestimating the stupidity of Nazism.

Besides that, look at who turns to Nazism as an example of something reprehensible! Someone who defends the activities of the Black Bloc, that are only distinguished, in terms of barbarism, from the SA Nazi commanded by Ernst Röhm, because the German criminals don’t go around with masks on.

Pay attention to a dangerous aspect of this guy’s speech: he incites, in practice, those who hear him to violence against the police, as if, in fact, they weren’t subject to the rules of command and obedience – nevertheless, the great misfortune is when they’re not subject to those rules. Furthermore, it was as he says, that all of the German soldiers at the end of the war would have ended up in jail, which is obviously a lie!

This is the type of thing that’s underway in Rio – and in various parts of the country. To try to distinguish that militancy from the actions of the Black Bloc is much less than an opinion piece or a reading matter in reality: it’s a simple question of being a lie. And it’s not like this because I want it that way. It’s like this because they want it so.


It’s time to call things by their name and distribute the responsibilities according to the action of each person. The population of the city of Rio is already being punished enough by the fact of the PSOL having sequestered the syndicate of the teachers and using it as an vehicle for their hysteria, which no televised reports, up to now, have broached with the necessary clarity. Doesn’t the population have the right to know?

If Globo and whichever other broadcasting companies make 50 more reports trying to distinguish those who call for supposedly peaceful demonstrations from the Black Bloc, it won’t be that that shatters this union. A fact will not stop being fact because of that.

Why doesn’t Marcelo Freixo come out publicly to condemn the violence of the masked individuals?

Why doesn’t Lindbergh Farias come out publicly to condemn the violence of the masked individuals?

Why doesn’t the syndicate’s leadership come out publicly to condemn the violence of the masked individuals?

This reminds me of some innocents who tried, not so long ago, to distinguish the work of the so-called “Media Ninja” from the activities of the masked troglodytes. Bruno Torturra and Pablo Capilé, leaders of the Fora do Eixo cultural network, went on Roda Viva (a Brazilian talk show). They were given a chance to censure the violence of the Black Bloc. They didn’t just act as if Torturra tried to theorize, affirming that, for him, the barbarians represented, more than anything else, an “aesthetic.”

No doubt! And Torturra and his friend represented ethics.

PS: “And why don’t you reprimand Caetano Veloso?” Well, I’m giving him the chance to apologize for having posed dressed up as a masked bandit. As he, up to now, hasn’t done it, I’m using the maximum of that irritating little fox from “The Little Prince:” “You become externally responsible for that which you charm.” For me, Veloso was only ever a singer. But he also wants to make political, beyond defending it in special circumstances, pre-emptive censure in Brazil when it comes to biographies. What a trainwreck!


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