Starry Plough: First Ceílí Dance

This shit is intense! The floor is full of enthusiastic UC Berkeley college students mixed with some older kids such as myself. Great energy in the room, and the double-eyed brown girl with the flowery purple dress asked me to dance feminine role for an Irish Waltz! I ACCEPTED OF COURSE

Anyhow, this event is conspicuously populated by the variety of nerd that plays an instrument in marching band (but NOT orchestra), that scheming, kind of straight laced permutation of nerd that might attend renaissance faires, play D&D, have a weird-ass sense of humor, and was not only in drama during high school, but banged everyone else in their respective drama department.

That said there are other types of people here, of varying shapes and sizes, mostly plastered a pale shade of white. (See: vitamin D deficiency).


2 responses to “Starry Plough: First Ceílí Dance

  1. So you feel right at home right? I saw G in Milan a few days ago. I didn’t ask but I’m sure she sends her warmest greetings!

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