Me, before and after the trip

Personal aspects present in me BEFORE traveling to Ireland that I attribute to growing up in the United States:

1) tendency towards neuroticism
2) thirst for knowledge
3) effusive enthusiasm
4) loudness of speech
5) excessively serious attitude
6) penchant for outrageous and overreactive humor (exaggeration/hyperbole)
7) stubborn individualism
8) overuse of the words “amazing,” “awesome,” “dude
How I’ve changed:
1) much, much worse and less sophisticated sense of humor, thanks to the Irish. The feckers!
2) more measured in how I express myself; a bit less loud
3) significantly more down to earth
4) sense of responsibility and duty towards parents
5) way improved conscientiousness
6) far less naïve
7) renewed vitality and Zest for life–16 months abroad was like a tonic for mind and body
8) more “at ease” as my dad put it; far less neurotic now
9) less individualistic and more collective-minded, like a communist 😀
10) greater sensitivity to compliments–why not insult me instead?! I miss you Irish jerks! Please, slag me now. I’m under constant attack by homely American blandness. Sad face
In any case, I have retained some of the more American aspects above, especially numbers 2, 3, 6, and “Dude.”
Well there it lies… One example of how 16 months abroad can change a person.
Thanks for reading!

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