pensamientos desordenados de madrid

On 5 Oct I finished a 4-week course of teaching English as a foreign language. 

On 15 Oct I blew that popsicle stand — Dublin — for Madrid. It’s easily the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited, with San Francisco coming in a close second. 

Here in Iberia I feel even further from home, literally and figuratively. In a country where my native language is not widely spoken, I find myself taking refuge in English through journaling, reading, or chatting with distant friends. Since I have the basics of the language, I’m expected to force myself to communicate. However this often leads to frustration as oftentimes you can’t express yourself sufficiently.

The culture shock, although mild, tops the one I experienced in Ireland. Not only have I had to adjust to an erratic meal schedule and different language, Spaniards party until 6 in the morning usually, so I’ve been sleeping late and waking up late pretty much everyday. As much as I like traveling, with its richness of discovery, right now my mind is already back in California. I feel overstimulated (awww!) and a bit tired of difference (cry me a river!), but soon it will pass!


Monday – Hammam Arab Baths

Tues. – Zaragoza and Huesca 

Thurs. – Barcelona

Sat. – Valencia

Following week – Murcia and Granada.

Stay tuned for more reports on the UNDENIABLE PASSION OF ESPAÑA — wow, do I feel impassioned! This place is SO passionate. Like, at its core.


3 responses to “pensamientos desordenados de madrid

  1. Colin can’t wait to hear more about your adventures! Keep it coming. Miss you E. Coli! I’m taking a microbio class with the most sassy sharp tongued british dame and i can’t help but think of you every tuesday thursday when i’ve got lab. Stay healthy and happy!

    • Alexon!! Miss you too. Great to hear from ye. I look forward to hearing about all your adventures since graduation… it’s been more than a year and a half if you can believe it!
      See you in sunnier pastures…

  2. I read the text couple days ago, and I felt very familiar with it. It’s interesting how connected we are with our nation, even when we are miles away. When I was in Dublin I could try it. In my particular case, I had reasons to not feel homesick, cause my time out of brazil was kind of a time to breath.. but even though I misses the foods, the people, my friends and family…

    Hope your trip was worth it and that you have a good time when you get back to california (;

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