News Roundup for Mid-July

San Bernadino this week moved to declare bankruptcy due to serious economic troubles following the ongoing Second Great Depression, as I call it. (After all we’ve moved far beyond recession criteria at this point.)

The city joins Mammoth Lakes, Vallejo, and lastly the largest US city yet to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, Stockton.

In other news, the US has preemptively dispatched a floating base, an aircraft carrier, and a complement of underwater drones to counter Iran lest it should close the Strait of Hormuz.

Could it be that this saber-rattling of the world’s premier oil-gorging superpower-empire at one of the world’s most oil-rich countries is just about the threat of the latter developing nuclear weapons?

I think not. That seems highly unlikely, especially considering what Amartya Sen has just said about a global “fight” for resources will be military and not economic. Speaking of the economist’s thoughts, Sen appears to be completely oblivious to the New Economics rapidly emerging on Earth. From worker-owned cooperatives to urban farms, barter systems to green building, millions around the world are actively constructing a new economic system right under the nose of the capitalists.

The issue is, as I see it, that so many weapons of war exist in the hands of the powerful. Think about it. Who controls the world’s armed forces? Capitalists and their cronies. If a worldwide war between New Economists – those who seek to reestablish a relationship between humanity and Earth that respects all life, that closes production loops, produces no waste, and vastly reduces weapons of war – and the Capitalists emerged, the former would most likely have to use guerilla tactics to succeed.


The United States is playing with fire. It has been for many years, but the fire is finally beginning to burn our collective ass. Our empire, which is really not ours – it’s owned by mostly fat unhealthy and conservative wealthy white men – is spinning out of control on a nationalistic path of self-preservation and manipulation, manifested by the destruction its military has wrought and continues to wreak around the globe. The destruction mirrors the empire’s own fate, and probably the fate of the global civilization unless it evolves.

Should we hope at this point? Is hope a useful strategy, or does it have a sinister element of the need for control? The Occupy Movement, the movement of movements, is already the principal incubator of the world we the 99% want to build. It’s already become the principal negotiator between the 99% and the Rulers.


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