Obama’s Remote-Control Wars

President Barack Obama is waging a robotic war in Pakistan.

His administration recently spoke to the New York Times, revealing that it has an ‘kill’ list of suspected Pakistani terrorists on whom it’s honing in its drones. Even more shockingly, the Administration defines all adult males in a drone’s strike zone as combatants “unless there is explicit evidence posthumously proving” their innocence (click for multiple sources).

Numerous journalists have articulated the lawless extremes to which Obama now operates the military. One goes so far as to call the President “executioner-in-Chief.” Glen Greenwald over at reckons that the current US administration is piloting “the most extremist government interpretation of the Bill of Rights [he has] heard in [his] lifetime – that the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee that the State cannot deprive you of your life without ‘due process of law’ is fulfilled by completely secret, oversight-free ‘internal deliberations by the executive branch’ – and it’s now barely something anyone (including me) even notices when The New York Times reports it.”

Over at Esquire, Charles Pierce writes

There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that allows the president to make private war on individuals. Any historical precedent you can cite is rooted not in that document, but in the steady historical draining of the war powers from the Congress, where the Founders anchored them, to the Executive branch…

Long-time Middle-East policy advisor to Administrations on both sides of the aisle Aaron David Miller went so far as to call Barack Obama “George W. Bush on steroids.” Incredible! To think that 44 – 46% of Americans still have faith in the President. I imagine that many still believe in the man as an agent of positive change, for whom Obama’s “Yes, We Can” still sounds convincing. Of course the President has made some progress at home with sustainable community development, but it was a mere facade. Far more than improve conditions for millions of hungry and poor Americans, Obamas has amplified Bush’s war-mongering policies, draining ever more money from domestic needs like healthcare and infrastructure to fuel his geopolitical imperialism.


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