Fixing Human Political Systems

A very intelligent man proposes we use the constitutional convention to make one or more amendments that would prohibit privately-funded elections in the United States.

As I’ve been pondering how best a movement can overthrow The Man in the Twenty-First Century since the Occupy movement started to radicalize me some months back, I was inclined to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it came to US politics.

That’s to say, I was persuaded by Noam Chomsky’s opinion that the nation-state system is a failure. I’m inclined to agree with him, and also with Derrick Jensen. Jensen desires a world of thousands of (presumably technologically primitive) cultures inspired by their landbases. I don’t completely agree with Jensen, but Chomsky really resonates with me.

As Chomsky says,

the nation state is pretty much a European invention, I mean there were similar things, but the nation state in the modern form was largely created in Europe over many centuries. It’s so unnatural and artificial that it had to be imposed by extreme violence. In fact that’s the primary reason why Europe was the most savage part of the world for centuries. It was due to trying to impose a nation state system on cultures and societies that are varied and if you look at them had no relation to this artificial structure.

He also admits that he has no idea what type of socio-political structure should replace the nation-state. I don’t know either, but I do know that the centralization and monopolization of power and control is the single greatest threat to human beings, and the planet’s other life-forms. Thus I’m inclined to say we need some kind of system whose power is decentralized, whose communities are rooted in bioregions, and which practices direct democracy to the greatest extent possible.


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