Dress that Pheasant. Dress it good (poor grammar intended)!

The Head of the Beast. The Hand in the Jacket

Here at Killruddery the wwoofers (volunteer farmworkers) get to learn many different skills.

We used pliars to force the leg out with tendons attached; easier to eat that way.

Today we skinned 2 pheasants and 2 wood pidgeons using the all-powerful Youtube. All specimens were killed and collected on the Killruddery premises. Talk about getting in touch with your food and where it comes from! As you can tell, working here expands my skill-set as regards sustainable food production, from farming to cooking. And besides, I get to play with Lord Ardee's behbehz, Nora and Aldus. Good times.

Soon we will build a tire-dragon. Stay tuned!

That pheas' is totes skinless. Also, I paid my respects for its sacrifice

The residents of Casa Tabernak: the conscientious Senhor Junji and yers truly


6 responses to “Dress that Pheasant. Dress it good (poor grammar intended)!

  1. Nice. Oh Youtube. One of our generational teachers. No one at Killruddery’s done it? The owners?

    What’re the yellow veins around the skin/muscles/innards?

    • Hai, thanks for commenting! Good question, I have no idea what those yellow veins are. Lymph ducts? Hmmm… need to brush up on (see: learn something, anything about) avian physio.

  2. I am thrilled to know that bird-skinning was accomplished with the tutelage of YouTutor. AMAZING pictures and what great things to plump up your resume! Hope it’s yummy.

  3. I think what you are doing is a fantastic experience!! Do I see a future in sustainable game farming in the US? Or just an email business from Ireland! Luck to you! Norma

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Jessica & Normz! Norma, i’m not really interested in game farming. If i were to farm, it would be cooperative style, with a 2-4 families, and include livestock, horticulture, and dairy. Don’t think i want to go into it commercially, save for on small scales.

  5. I love to see you handle poultry in such a sustainable way. I find it sexy! When you get a chance take a look at the chain of food coops in the state of Wisconsin. You get to eat fresh produce, meat, and promote the sale of locally-grown farm products. And, it gets delivered to your door all year-round!


    It is pretty rad. I wish our state would adopt to-scale something like this. I really hope you can make it out to visit. Beijos =)

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