On Violence, Part I


Our whole society tells us that it’s OK to have police with guns, and armies with bombs, and prison guards and hospital orderlies and dance club bouncers using force for the common good, and we think nothing of it; but when someone suggests it might be OK to shove a cop, to sabotage a missile silo, to spike a tree, then suddenly it’s a betrayal of principles, a dance with the devil, a moral crisis. (1)

Prieur continues by stating that the violence stigma stems from a “fear of the unpredictable,” although in the forseeable future, our species’s present course has us destined to effect the “near-extermination of the Earth and everything on it.”

In the sequel to that essay, he writes

Attacking tools that are about to destroy a piece of land with which you have a deep relation is like shooting the gun out of the hand of someone about to kill your family… since most corporations are continuously actively destroying the earth, well-chosen anti-corporate sabotage is like attacking a man who’s strangling your mother


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