Vonnegutian Nuggets

From arguably the most important United Statsian novelist of the 20th Century: Kurt Vonnegut. Four quotes from his final book, Timequake:

The best thing to be when free will kicks in, probably, is a Mbuti, a Pygmy in a rainforest in Zaire, Africa.

Should the nation’s wealth be redistributed? It has been and continues to be redistriubted to a few people in a manner strikingly unhelpful.

The Three Horsemen of the Oncologic Apocalypse: Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiation.

I asked my friend how many people on the whole planet had what we had, which was lives worth living. Between the two of us, we came up with *seventeen percent.*

I welcome your thoughts.

Vonnegut's signature, replete with clever missive


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