Ballin’ Maulin

Atop the local Maulin Mountain, I wish I’d brought a camera.

‘Tis the first mountain I’ve hiked alone, though thankfully some vittles had accompanied my ass so hunger would stay away.

The Maulin hike put me closer to the clouds than I’ve ever been. That day, they were gettin’ LOW, shapeshifting quickly like much more healthful versions of cotton candy just being whipped up. That’s the way I like ’em!

Anyway, atop the peak, the spectacular views took away my breath. Combined with the silence, the Almost-In-Cloud emotion, I became suddenly giddy, anxious with excitement, and grateful. For what? For my health, the privilege of this work-cation, and for the many adventures in nature that lie ahead, adventures I hope to take with loved ones.

Irish Language Lesson Dó

whinge (v.) – to complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way

e.g.: “Now, now boyo, stop whinging like yer mam’d turned ye upsoide down ‘n whacked yer bum fer all ’tis warth.”

“Dude, okay!”

to be after doing something (exp.) – to have just done something

e.g.: “I’m [optional: just] after havin’ 13 cups o’ tea, lads.”

“Someone call 999, so!”

malarkey* (n.) – (1) exaggerated speech or writing, usually intended to deceive; (2) nonsense, foolishness, bullshit

e.g.: “Every night they give out to me in da pubs, so gimme a break, will yah?!”

“Go away! Oh stop. I ain’t havin’ any o’ dis malarkey.”

to be having something (exp.) – to accept something

e.g.: “He just wasn’t havin’ it, like.” Trans.: He wasn’t accepting whatever the other person was telling him.

* The Irish origin of this word is debatable, yo.


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