Stillness atop Bere Isle

On a recent adventure across Bere Island, the day culminated at the top of the place, after cycling pretty hard up several hills. The planet welcomed me with what I call “relative” silence. I don’t think there’s ever complete silence, but there exists what we can consider silence in relation to the stressful, noisy modern urban life.

So, atop the mountain, the Earth happened to effervesce. The ocean gleaming, twinkling in that divinely natural way. The clouds served up my favorite way: fluffly, low-lying, and traveling very quickly along the Gulf Stream’s exhale.

Castletownbere and its large island neighbor make for an ideal break from civilization (kind of). Plenty of space to roam around; ample quietude; a refreshing lack of humans; and stable work.

I want to mention briefly that on the island I had one of those Hella Welcome Yet Unexpected Experiences Unique to Travel (call it an HWYUEUT, unless you can think of a better-sounding name. thought so). I met a man who claims to be one of the founders of the Irish Gay Rights Movement. We talked at length about our experiences as gay men, and had a bit in common there. Apparently, when he brought his most recent partner to live with him in the area, everyone he knew shunned his partner. Just closed him out. That was 20 years ago; I wonder to what degree it would be different now for him?

I dedicate this post to all of the thoughts, feelings, and things I can’t publish on this blog for whatever reason.


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