Insights from Noam Chomsky

One of my top inspirations is the world-famous intellectual anarchist-professor Noam Chomsky.

He’s an outspoken critic of power structures, especially the United States’s global empire. I wanted to share with you a paragraph from a recent interview of his.

“In internal discussions in 1958, which have since been declassified, President Eisenhower spoke about a campaign of hatred against us in the Arab world. Not from the governments, but from the people. The National Security Council’s top planning body produced a memorandum — you can pick it up on the web now — in which they explained it. They said that the perception in the Arab world is that the United States blocks democracy and development and supports harsh dictators and we do it to get control over their oil. The memorandum said, this perception is more or less accurate and that’s basically what we ought to be doing.” [Emphasis mine]

Think back for a moment to the images we’ve been shown on corporate TV of Arabs burning U.S. flags. Chomsky’s words provide a bit more context, don’t they? The Arabs seem a bit less “barbaric” now, yeah? Goodness, why, they actually seem like reasonable human beings! Funny how simply learning of reality and history reveals racial stereotypes as fucking vacuous.

So, the historical evidence supports Chomsky’s claim. Does this not make horribly ironic the War on Terror (that is, the War to Establish Democracy in the Middle-East)? Methinks it goes to show that the War on Terror is in fact a War OF Terror by the US military, and that the United States has no interest in Middle-Eastern democratic development.

Despite the rhetoric the corporate media and Federal Government spoon-feeds to the American people, the US has but one main aim in the Middle-East: power and control.

To explore Dr. Chomksy further, and I definitely recommend ye do, visit his site here.


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