Breaking News…

This just in: Ireland has officially won the International Competition of Countries with Most Make-Funnable County Names (unless you can furnish evidence to the contrary).

A few examples for yer entertainment:

(1) County Lough.
More like, “County LOATHE!”

(2) County Tipperary.
Can you say, “County Tipsy-Romp!?”

(3) Co. Roscommon
Try “County Top-Ramen.” That’s right.

(4) Co. Limerick
“County Linen-Lick.” Who wan’ do that anyway? That shit’s nast.

(5) County Donegal.
We’d prefer, “County DoneGUY.”

(6) County Meath.
This one’s easy. “County Queef.”

(7) County Offaly.
“County Awfully / Offal (you know, the word for organ meats) / County Tragically-Landlocked”

(8) County Longford.
Hmm… “County DONGford.” (HINT: “dong” is U.S. slang for penis and therefore hilarious.)

(9) County Tyrone.
I like “County Ai-groan.”



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