lessons from risking my hippie-arse cycling on irish roads

As I cycled down the road to Dursey Island, the wind and weather graced me. The sun had revealed itself after a few days of dormancy; the wind wasn’t too cold, even for cycling fast.

I learned today that diesel fumes effin’ suck for cyclists compared to gasoline. The particles therein are much larger; they literally forced me to close my eyes and filter out the pollution, not to mention slow down to avoid getting owned by mad drivers.

Outside the town (Castletownbere) proper, the road became treacherous. I was using a sturdy, high-quality road bike, so you can imagine how the turbulence was amplified. Bumps, uneven parts,

lessons learned

1) this trip confirmed that the Irish are very much so lunatic drivers

2) Dunboy Castle (Caisleán Dhún Baoi) is in ruins, thanks to the English (what good the English have done in this world!). In the summer of 1602 the English laid siege to the castle, as the Donal Cam O’Sullivan Bere had staged a rebellion against Elizabeth I’s Crown. The castle was annihilated, as were its defenders.

3) The Gaelic word “craic” roughly translates to “fun,” although the Irish use it in a variety of ways. For example, you can say, “Any craic?” to mean What’s new? and “What’s the craic?” to mean How’s it going? It’s a very common word so, quite useful to know.(In fact I didn’t learn this on my bike trip today.)

4) Irish folk often say “yer man” to mean “that/some/a guy.” (This also I learned before my bike trip today…. hmm.)

5) The Irish speak what’s called Hiberno-English. It’s distinguished from other dialects of English (such as British, Singaporean, Welsh, and American) in that many expressions and sayings come straight from Gaelic, which can make Hiberno-English incomprehensible to the likes of Yanks (United-Statesfolk), for example. (Right, points 3-5 AIN’T lessons I learned cycling on Irish roads. Okay? Kthx)The ruins of Dunboy Castle


2 responses to “lessons from risking my hippie-arse cycling on irish roads

  1. Because I didn’t go anywhere exciting this summer, I am living vicariously through you! Oh, wait, no, I am going to Fresno today with my cousin. Scratch that, my summer is CLEARLY a rip roaring good time! I am enjoying your blog. Keep writing!

    • Thanks for posting the comment, Xteener. Really glad to hear you’re reading up about my misadventures.

      If you haven’t yet, check out my other writing project here! I’d appreciate your intelligent feedback on whichever posts you see fit:


      Stay in touch now! And let me know how you’re doing.

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