Rosacea Rocks

Below is a missive I wrote to a friend the other day.

Freddie has rosacea. Poor Freddie! But at least he knows how to look terrifying with his condition.

The most notable [Irish observation of late], I must say, is the intense male body odor. Irish men exude putrid, acrid odors–perhaps it’s the hard-working fishermen mostly? Interestingly, Ayurveda posits that pungent body odor indicates internal toxicity, and is a pitta disorder.

Rosacea appears to strike many people here, especially men. I’ve seen older men who look like cherries on the verge of busting, blood everywhere, like on my pants. Redness in the face in this case points to redness in the body. And according to Drs. Jaminet over at Perfect Health Diet and Art Ayers at Cooling Inflammation, rosacea in adults is most often indicative of inflammation. Of course, temporary redness can result from wind-burn, or occur with healthful activities like exercise.

Now switch focus to the supermarket, where most people get most of their food here, I’d say. The most common food I’ve read on nutrition fact labels here is vegetable (industrial seed) “fat,” or oil, most often sunflower. Also, wheat is ubiquitous, whether in refined form in the frozen pizzas I stock, in the freshly-baked (and delicious) savories here, or in whole form, like in the Irish soda bread I take for breakfast. Combine industrial seed oils, wheat/white flour, trans fats in popular processed foods, lots of sweets, and excess alcohol characteristic of the Irish (especially in this town), and you concoct a recipe of pitta aggravation ((too much heat/inflammation)): manifested in rosacea, ectopic fat distribution, and other issues.

It’s not just in the Irish here on the Béara Peninsula, however. I’ve seen beer bellies & redness in many men on the island, and definitely back in the States. I’ve noticed that rosacea appears more starkly among pale-skinned folk, as our lack of melanin makes the redness more apparent. But I’ve seen it in the skins of darker-skinned folk, too.

E. coli


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