the status of my health

I wanted to sum up briefly my self-assessed health status.

Currently, I have no chronic conditions except for the following:

1) Dishydriotic eczema. This appeared two Septembers ago on my right hand. In March of 2011, it spread to my left hand. I suspect that it’s due to stress and/or a food intolerance, most likely legumes, grains (especially wheat), dairy, sugar, and/or caffeine.

2) Dry eyes. This issue is intermittent. I spend lots of time (too much) in front of the computer, and don’t take enough breaks. That said, my eyes get fatigued in front of the computer quite quickly now. I think it’s due to lack of sleep, inflammatory foods (sugar and wheat especially).

On the other hand, I have regular, healthful bowel movements, a glowing complexion most of the time, and high energy throughout the day. I fast every Sunday from dawn to dinner. My diet currently includes high amounts of meat, seafood, and eggs, with moderate amounts of veggies, fruit, starchy tubers, dairy, and legumes. I take midday sun daily. I exercise moderately for 4-6 hours per week. I journal regularly, stretch out every night, take cold showers regularly, and massage myself frequently.

I have no mysterious psychological or other problems that might be attributed to grain intolerance. Any psychological imbalances (which I do have regularly, like most anyone) I attribute to food excesses or sleep deprivation.

So there you have it! Now you know what’s up with my health, more or less.


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