What I ate [That] Weekend

Cross-posted at Nutrition By Tradition.

From 8-10 April, I had the great pleasure and privilege to attend the 6th annual Queer People of Color Conference at UC Riverside. It ended up an excellent refresher on how best for me (a white gay man) to be an ally to people of color, especially the lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, intersex, etc.-identified QPOC community.

Parallel with the enlightenment, this weekend was a break from my usual dietary habits. Though I would have liked to prepare my own food for the 3-day event, there simply wasn’t time for that. So, I resorted to eating what the others in my group were eating. Here’s a run-down:



dinner: pinto beans, Mexican style; huevos rancheros (two eggs (yolks runny), cheese, and tomato sauce);
3-4 corn tortillas, 1 of which was fried in industrial seed oil. This restaurant cooks everything in industrial seed oil, to my dismay.


continental breakfast: 4-5 sausages; 1 waffle and roughly 2 oz. of maple syrup; 2 eggs; some orange juice

lunch: 1 whole wheat ham sandwich (lettuce, tomato, and ham — no cheese), 2 highly-processed cookies.*

*Normally I wouldn’t have eaten the cookies, but this time I lost all self-control and went AWOL. It was partly out of sullenness from not getting to eat quality food. Poor high-maintenance foodie me!

snack: another sandwich, turkey this time.

dinner: 3 entire burgers from Fatburger — two turkey, one chicken/egg, including 2 whole wheat buns and one white bread bun; lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on each!


continental breakfast: same as yesterday; add one donut

lunch: 2 slices of pizza, with some mushrooms. They were mostly white bread.


This weekend was a considerable break from my regular dietary regime, and man — I felt it. By this morning I was somewhat underslept, and certainly reeling from the gluten-grain / “vegetable” oil extravaganza. I was mildly ill with a head cold, but it’s come way down in just several hours of eating better, acquiring sunlight, and imbibing enough liquids.

Thanks for reading!

Mm-, MM!


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