real. food. commitments (updated)

My good friend and colleague Hai Vo has co-founded a national leadership network for youth in the food movement. It’s called Live Real. On it, you can make public commitments regarding real food. It can be something as simple as, “I pledge to purchase organic, grass-fed land meat at least twice per week” to something more profound: “I pledge to abstain from all meat and seafood indefinitely.”

I’ve made a few commitments thus far, so I thought to share them with you, The World. Let me know what you think of ’em:

I will perform a full day’s fast (from dawn to dusk, water only) every Sunday.

I pledge to abstain from fish and meat every Wednesday.

I will learn how to can, making a directed effort to preserve summer produce.

I will volunteer at a soup kitchen once per month.

Instead of taking nutritional supplements, I will consume the following foods daily to maximize nutrition: raw milk, lots of butter and coconut oil, a bowl of bone broth, seafood, an orange vegetable, and dark leafy greens.

I will strictly avoid all gluten-containing foods until 1 January 2012.


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