Personal Food Sovereignty

As a college student with limited means whether financial, social, and temporal, eating exactly the way I want is tough. Furthermore, I have somewhat less motivation to commit to intense food preparation when I have no food pacts with others. I prefer to eat communally, for it’s more efficient than eating alone, not to mention beneficial for well-being.

So it begs the question, What would my ideal personal eating regimen look like? Well, it’d have the following characteristics:

1) Sunday
i. slow-cook pork to make carnitas for the week
ii. prepare lentil and/or pinto bean dish as staple starch
iii. make a week’s supply of chicken broth

2) Lunch with friends 3+ times per week

3) Dinner with friends 2+ times per week

Another major issue I face is that of food quality. Every day I eat on campus, I’m consuming industrial meats. It sucks, though the carnitas are quite tasty. Of course, I’d like to consume the highest quality meats available, but due to price barriers I’m unable to do so. The only farm with reasonable prices on grass-fed meats I can think of rests in northern Texas, unfortunately. However, I feel that the carbon foodprint is probably worth it considering I’d be supporting an eco-friendly business, in contrast with the industrial food system I grudgingly support when I eat out.

In other news, I’ve decided to stop using delicious mango juice to make yogurt smoothies (lassis) with. Instead, I’m using regionally-sourced dates with Greek yogurt as the afternoon snack.

My aim with this post was to illustrate some challenges to personal food sovereignty, or the ability of each of us to eat what makes us healthiest and happiest.

Good eats to all!


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