Congressmen Support Sustainable Agriculture & Traditional Farming Practices

Michelle Obama’s organic garden, which she co-founded with a group of youth this March, has ruffled the feathers of agri-businesses. Voicing concern that she failed to recognize the importance of conventional agriculture in meeting increasing demand for food, the Mid-America CropLife Association (MACA), an agro-industry lobby comprised of Monsanto and DuPont executives, sent a letter of concern to the White House a few days after the garden’s debut. In their missive, the trade group contended that “technology” enables farmers to meet an increasing demand for food in a sustainable manner.

Despite this backlash, Representatives Jeff Fortenberry (D-NB) and Steve Kagan (D-WI), approve of the First Lady’s recent move. Through House Resolution 458 last month, the Congressmen voiced support for gardening and farmers’ markets, asserting that they enable self-sufficiency, build durable, local economies, and strengthen communities. The bill lauds a startling 19% increase in gardening from the previous year, as 43 million Americans said they would garden in 2009.

Fortenberry says that government need not over-regulate processes of food production – processes that have long evidenced “sound food safety and sustainability.”

Click here to view the Fortenberry Resolution.

Click here to learn how organic farming might “raise obesity rates.” Trust me, this one’s worth checking out. Heh.


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