will Obama get it right? part one,.

Let’s take into account the massive crises facing the United States right now:

  1. Health:   Life expectancy is down for the first time in decades as Americans reel from being over-fed and undernourished.
  2. Economy:   In the wake of one of America’s worst financial crises ever, the government fails to bring large greedy exploitative banks & firms to justice;  the Obama Administration settles for word-lobbing rather than litigation. Red flag, anyone?
  3. Climate change & pollution:   Notice where this point rests on the list. Third? Peculiar, as global climate changes combined with an acceleratingly polluted planet promise to exacerbate the other two crises, as well as intensify insecurity in every sector of civilization everywhere.

Indeed, I have a question for Obama. Has he come to the realization that the human race’s activity – the economy – is an engine operating on hot air? Does the President understand that the human economic system is a sub-system of the planet (a finite system), and that limitless growth is therefore impossible? But, say the global capitalist profiteers, If we can’t keep growing the economy, we won’t be able to take billions out of poverty. Wrong.

The bottom line: either President Obama comprehends the interrelatedness of health, economic, and social problems as intimately connected to environmental woes, or he has simply failed to make the intellectual leap and connect the aforementioned.

I thought we ordered a “green” president. But then again, perhaps we have; he might be hiding that side of himself until the time is ripe.

Indeed, it remains to be seen how eco-literate Obama really is.


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