Go Bush!?…

Never thought I’d hear myself (or anyone) saying this, but the Bush Administration is showing signs of tact. The Guardian Weekly reports it has learned of US plans to establish an interest section in Iran, which would render an embassy viable. This – diplomacy – falls out of the sky in stark contrast to eight years of neoconservative war-mongering, failed democratization, Constitutional arbitration, and blatant idiocy. Why the sudden change of heart, then? What could be swimming around the liquid mesh of the White (House) Cronies’ brains? Why would the Administration, after expressing protracted disdain for Iran’s government, suddenly move to initiate diplomatic ties with the country – for the first time in 30 years?

The answer may tie into the Oval Office’s efforts to stich its already tainted – no, shredded – legacy as well as conflict of strategy between Pseudopresident Cheney and the State Department. Most importantly, however, Washington would be extremely sagacious to improve relations with Tehran, as it could deflect a potentially catastrophic conflict between Israel – America’s right arm in the Middle East – and Iran, which shares the throne of the Islamic world with Saudi Arabia.

Despite Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadenijad’s recent belligerence towards Israel – namely his call for its obliteration – his open-mindedness towards bridging the diplomatic divide between Tehran & Washington is no less than refreshing (understatement). The Iranian government’s erratic behavior of late speaks to its isolation in the international community which, of course, it has largely self-imposed because of its ambiguous nuclear ambitions. After last week’s dangerous, provocative maneuvers by both Iran and Israel, this is a critical window through which America could well redeem itself in the eyes of the world.

Bilateral diplomacy between Iran and the United States could serve two extremely useful purposes. Principally, American-mediated negotiations between Israel & Iran could help stave off potentially devastating conflict. Have faith the Jewish nation will respond to US recommendations for diplomacy, as our country so indiscriminately supports its existence. Secondly, America could use improved ties with Iran to catalyze cultural exchange between the Iran and the States, which might sew the seeds of democracy in a far more democratic manner than that which Pseudopresident Cheney proposes.

Besides eschewing democracy, cultural exchange leads to coflux of values, ideas, foods, music, et ceteras which could stimulate both countries. Increased tourism in Iran would boost its economy, and vice versa. Europe’s impression of the US would certainly improve, which is particularly important for securing a united, democratic West. Considering multifarious benefits of increased dialogue, America would be wise to continue on the path to bi- and multilateral talks.


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