A Mighty Huzzah,!

Last Thursday the California Supreme Court overturned the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage, marking a major victory for the American queer rights movement. The Golden State joins Massachusetts as the only U.S. provinces in which same-sex marriage is kosher, though as San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom comments, “As California goes, so goes the nation.”

The ruling means that California now officially offers state marriage rights to same-sex couples, setting an example for both nation and world.

America has quite a ways to go, however. Twenty-six states in the country’s heartland explicitly prohibit same-sex marriage, and the Federal government – which confers the golden purse of 1049 benefits to married couples – does not recognize it.

Regardless, recent news should excite us! If anything, it represents a major retraction of unwarranted, socially- and religiously-constructed discrimination against gays. And best of all, ’twas a shot heard ’round the world.

Watch Gavin Newsom’s speech, given on the day of victory.



3 responses to “A Mighty Huzzah,!

  1. Hey all, I’d greatly appreciate comments & suggestions! Constructive criticism’s always welcome! :J

  2. So same-sex marriages are now legal in Calif. Who will be harmed by this? Who will suffer? How can anyone be against this?
    It is time the people of this country stopped supporting armed aggression outside our borders in the name of peace and progress and started pushing for a clean up of the homeland. Start taking care of the people of America now and stop the terrible waste of our resources in Iraq.

  3. The only people who will suffer from the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the band on gay marriage are those who let their jaded religious convictions cloud their reason.

    A UCLA School of Law study projects same-sex marriage will contribute $65 million to California’s state budget in the next three years, not to mention bring to the state’s wedding industry $700 million (US News & World Report, 6.11.2008).

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