Rad! Criteria for Companionship

Well that was morbid! Unfortunate but realistic that writings about the environment must so often be alarmist; such is the severity of our global conundrums. Seriously.

Here’s a piece to lighten the mood, though! I mentioned in this blog I’d like to contrast extremely relevant, critical issues facing humanity with humor, or better: blend the two whenever possible. So enjoy these criteria I’ve developed for standard romantic relationships (yes, completely ridiculous!), and believe me — In no way do I – of all maturing young adults with acute neurosis (just kidding) – presume to be a self-help therapist. In fact, I’m rather the opposite. Consider me a falsely-precocious, presumptuous crow (or dolphin, depending on your taste in animals [pervert!]). Yeah, that about captures it,.

Lastly, express your opinions on this very momentous, authoritative set of advice! I want to hear it all — comment!


I. Enthusiasm. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is Prospect normally upbeat & energetic or solemn & restrained?

2. Does Prospect have an optimistic or pessimistic outlook?

3. Is Prospect prone to laughter, and/or does it have a decent sense of humor?

II. Self-Perception

1. How does Prospect see itself? Does it hold itself in high esteem, have good posture, or hang its head low like a wilting sunflower?

III. Existential Stability

1. What activities does Prospect engage itself with — a passion, discipline, art, occupation, or practice of some kind — to take its mind off mental stressors? How effective is this?

2. More specifically, how does Prospect react to instantaneous stressors? Does it panic and stress out fairly easily or strive for a rational thought-process?

3. Gage Prospect’s mental durability, which is perhaps one of the most important considerations for longevity in companionship.


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