100% All-Natural Pure Premium Gourmet Blogging

Tired of overbearing marketing rhetoric at every whim? Weary of (inevitable?) corporate dominion? Gawk at pop-culture regularly? Interested in distributed generation of power, or perhaps wind, wave, and solar farms? Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but care? Then this blog’s for you.

Welcome progressives, and maybe even regressives (pity upon your souls!) to my nonspecific weblog. I’d like to talk about anything and everything here, but you’ll probably notice some themes: global environmental sustainability, Classical & all kinds of music, U.S. & international politics, wellness, philosophy, performing & visual arts, megacities, among other things.

Next post to come soon; constructive criticism always welcome!

Bottled water sucks.


One response to “100% All-Natural Pure Premium Gourmet Blogging

  1. omg! this opened my eyes.
    youre my savior.
    keep writing.
    i need it.
    do et!

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